Principal Designer
Paul Kim

Paul Kim was born in 1962. After graduating from the College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University in 1984, he held more than 20 private exhibitions, and participated in more than 270 group exhibitions including the Seoul Sculptors Society Exhibition. Paul Kim won the Excellence Prize in Seoul Contemporary Sculpture Contest, Kim Jong Young Sculpture Award, Milan Art Fair Critics’ Award. In 1990, he went to Pietrasanta to study at Carrara Academy. While studying at Carrara Academy, he worked at the Same Sculpture studio and participated in many international sculpture exhibitions. In the ‘Sam 30 Years,’ held in Pietrasanta, Kim’s artworks were co-exhibited with the artworks of world-renowned sculptors such as Cesar and Avoskang.

Since 2005, Paul Kim has gradually changed his object, and the forms of natural objects has provided him with great inspirations and motifs. Sometimes he was inspired by animals and plants, especially flower petals and the stems of plants. From the designs he created through such process, he challenged to explore the morphology, human and nature, and even the eternity of the universe. This abstract form of his that looks like he explore the structural order of the nature, is deeply related to his long-standing experience in human body sculpture. The artworks that took motifs from natural ecology, flowers, animals and plants, will be exhibited. He seeked to explore eternity through the sensitive changes of organic forms. In ‘Organism Series,’ the changes of surfaces with rhythmical twists demonstrate the epidermal complexity. However, the interior structure seeks to resemble the order of nature. As if he wants to portrait the life form in animals and plants. The surfaces of objects are biting and twisting together, and the movements of the surfaces and lines that soaring out, are embraced internally once again drawing suitable parabolic curve.